How to last longer in bed?
Reprogram your Mind and say Goodbye to Premature Ejaculation

Endurance is a revolutionary technique to free yourself from the problems of premature ejaculation by making use of the incredible power of your subconscious mind.

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End your frustration. Transform your sexual relationships.

If you want to have the experience transforming your relationship by ending the frustration of premature ejaculation – there’s only one choice!

Imagine the exhilaration you will feel when spending time with that special person and having the ability to make the moment last. There is no substitute for the satisfaction you both will feel – and the best part is that no pill or gel is needed. All you need is the ability to harness the power of your mind!

This is the side-effect free treatment you can be confident has better results than the artificial, side-effect riddled treatments you see on TV or hear on the radio!


Say Hello to Endurance, the Future of Hypnosis…

Using the power of hypnosis you will gain the neuro-linguistic programming needed to last as long as you would like! No more worrying, no more fear of your partner being unsatisfied, instead gain the satisfaction that comes with the confidence in your masculinity which derives from lasting as long as you would like!

Endurance is a 30 minutes audio program that combines the powers of hypnosis, NLP, meditation and autosuggestive programming to increase your stamina during sex and helps you last longer. Just listen to the relaxing audio of Endurance and reprogram your subconscious mind.

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Control your Mind, Control your Endurance.

Your mind is a powerful weapon. Sigmund Freud regarded the unconscious mind as what drives our actions. The unconscious is where your drive for various actions originates. If your unconscious mind is unsettled, expect that the actions of your conscious mind will reflect that state. This is the same for an unconscious riddled with insecurity, doubt, anger, fear and other inhibitory conditions.

Now imagine an unconscious mind that is confident. Imagine an unconscious mind that is secure. What you will see is a person whose actions are indicative of optimal mental health because they will carry themselves with purpose. This purpose derives from the confidence they have in all areas – and there’s no plausible scenario for men that negates confidence as seriously as premature ejaculation. It is a universal truth that if you do not have the right mental programming then the ravages of premature ejaculation can appear at the most inopportune time.

The bottom line is your mind is the most powerful weapon in the fight against premature ejaculation, and the best part is training your mind does not involve dangerous drugs, “holistic” gels, testosterone treatments and yet works better than all of those things.


What makes Endurance Truly Unique

The answer is science – Endurance uses proven science and mental
programming techniques that allow you to truly be the master of your body.


Instead of worrying about what happens in the situations where endurance becomes a problem, hypnosis allows your mind the freedom of associating endurance with another stimulus. There are many simple ways to harness the power of hypnosis to solve your endurance issues and build within you that powerful confidence that comes from overcoming such painfully emasculating obstacles.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Endurance makes use of the power of words that trigger specific subconscious effects and make you worry less and endure longer in bed. These trigger words are associated with a variety of different feelings, all of which are designed to calm the mind and allow you the confidence with your body that you need to sustain your performance during points where normally your endurance would fail.


Meditation calms the mind and allows you the ability to navigate your thoughts with greater efficiency. In high stress situations – and make no mistake, sexual intercourse is high stress – meditation allows you greater control of your mind, body and spirit.

Autosuggestive Training

By creating the positive mindset your confidence increases and as confidence increases performance is augmented and enhanced. The right frame of mind helps with any situation, especially with resolving performance issues related to endurance.

Various studies show that hypnosis works for
more than 95% of all men.
Endurance is one of the most effective methods to reduce anxiety, increase
your self-confidence and to increase your endurance when having sex.

End Premature Ejaculation now and last longer!

 Full Control over your arousal
 Just 25 minutes a day
 Results in just 8 days
 Simple and Effortless

“At first I couldn’t believe it, but it is actually working. I have used the neuro coding now for 2 weeks and already see and feel the difference – that’s great.”

Why get Endurance?

7 Amazing Improvements
You Will Notice when Using Endurance:

Increased self-confidence
Reduction in performance anxiety issues
Reduction in premature ejaculation
Increased endurance
Increased partner satisfaction
Reduction in self-sabotaging behaviors
Increased enthusiasm in all areas of life

Reprogram your mind to achieve greater results
with Endurance today!


Audio Program

The relaxing 30 minutes audio program will help you reprogram your subconscious mind in order to increase your stamina and last longer in bed.

Bonus: Guide Book

Our short but effective 9-Pager will help you discover the different arousal levels of your body, will make you control them and ultimately control your ejaculation.

Bonus: 24/7 Email Coaching

We want to ensure your success in getting rid of premature ejaculation and therefore offer every customer a free email consultation for all your questions.

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Vanessa Kalstrom
Customer Service

Big thank you. I feel more confident in bed than ever before. Absolutely recommended.

Jonas R.from Vancouver

I don’t normally bother to write reviews. In this case it was more than important, and because this Autosuggestion training was really good! Don’t expect any miracle methods – but the great thing is that a man can work here on a truly sustainable and a real improvement. In the pleasant and very relaxing hypnosis you are set there where the premature ejaculation occurs: in the subconscious mind. After and after I have observed my development, and have in the meantime come so far now am now so that I can control my ejaculation completely – it means, longer sex and I control my excitation so that I can ejaculate when I want.

Patrick L.from Arizona

I am the partner of the affected man. Premature ejaculation has long been an issue for us. It has taken a long time until my husband has opened up to me and we both have begun solutions for our problem . But since there are now many offers on the market and especially the so- called “miracle agents” there it was not so easy to find something, what really helps. My husband used the hypnosis now already for 8 weeks and noticed a big difference. He can endure so much longer – this allows us both to really enjoy our sexuality again. It is a success for both of us.

Mona P. from Alabama

Endurance was recommended by a very good friend of mine. And i must say the tip was great! Initially I was not sure if it really can work. But with the hypnosis man can really change his thoughts. The process is for someone faster and for someone slower. When I was using it for about 4 weeks, I clearly realized that I am much quieter during sex and could go around 15 minutes longer. Simply because I’ve seen my arousal. I’m very satisfied.

Glenn K. from California

Very recommendable, the program should be practiced and heard by every man with premature ejaculation suffers. So much wasted time and frustration could be avoided.

Pete L.from Miami

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Endurance really work?

Yes! We have tested Endurance by so many men and can therefore confirm that endurance works. Endurance works at different levels. By the induction in a deep trance you will open the door to the subconscious, through meditative practices you’ll reach a razor-sharp concentration and NLP and auto suggestive Training is used to reprogram your subconscious. Listen to it briefly!

What do I get?

After the order you will be immediately forwarded to the download page and you can download the Endurance package. With that you’ll get the endurance audio file which you can play on all devices, whether it is a laptop, tablet or Smartphone. In addition, you’ll receive an email with all the download links.

Endurance is a 30 minute audio program and consists of a unique combination of trance, NLP, meditation and auto suggestive training.

Does Endurance work with every man?

We are convinced that Endurance has the ability to allow prolonged control over the own excitation. Nevertheless we cannot guarantee 100% success. Different people can respond to auto suggestive training, for some is a change earlier in others later. See Endurance so as a tool that you can use to eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation – but not as an absolute promise of curing it.

* We are convinced of the effect Endurance has on men. Nevertheless are we not able to give every single man a 100% guarantee that it will work on him. Everyone react differently to hypnosis and autosuggestive training. Some are experiencing the improvements earlier than others. Therefore please see Endurance as a tool which, if used properly, can help you get rid of premature ejaculation but is something we cannot promise or predict.