How Hypnosis can make you last longer in bed.

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last longer in bed

How Hypnosis can make you last longer in bed?

Premature ejaculation is a health issue that exists since the dawn of time. However, in the recent period, probably due to the specific lifestyle modern men follow, this medical condition is becoming more frequent. Some surveys have found that between 20 and 30% of men experience the negative effects of premature ejaculation. This is probably the reason why so many men want to know how to increase stamina in bed and last longer. The truth is that there are different types of treatments and remedies, but according to many experts, there is a profound connection between the sexual performance of men and women and their subconscious mind. It is a well-known fact that mood, emotions and feelings can affect the libido and sexual activity in people.

If you want to know how to last long in bed, then you should definitely learn more about hypnosis and autosuggestion. In many cases, the wrong perception of sex and sexual activity as well as some negative concepts related to these activities which were formed in the childhood, especially when the person suffering from premature ejaculation was a teenager, can have consequences when these persons enter adulthood. One of these negative consequences is premature ejaculation.

When hypnosis is used to heal premature ejaculation, the sufferer is put in a relaxed, deep state which is similar to the state of near-unconsciousness. Even though the conscious mind is inactive and completely relaxed, the subconscious mind is activated and affected while the hypnotic therapy lasts. The therapist who performs the hypnosis leads the patient to complete relaxation and delivers positive suggestions. It is good to mention that patients can do this without the help of a therapist through self-hypnosis and autosuggestions.

The positive suggestions are targeting the subconscious mind and after a while these suggestions are accepted and transferred to the conscious mind. In other words, we are talking about sophisticated subconscious programming that works on the cause of the problem.

Of course, in order to feel the benefits of hypnosis, you must take repeated sessions. This is not an activity that provides instant results. With every hypnotic session you take, your fears and doubts are reduced and eventually you will get rid of premature ejaculation. Obviously, hypnosis as a premature ejaculation treatment is suitable only for men who have psychological issues. Some physical injuries and physical problems can’t be solved with this method.

How to stay long in bed is one of the most searched terms on the Internet when it comes to sexual health. Hypnosis as a method that helps people change their inner beliefs that may block their performance is an all-natural method with no side effects. It works by letting people forget the negative feelings from the past, remove some prejudices and improve their self-confidence. Men who have selected this method should also include physical activity/exercises in their daily routine in order to increase stamina. This is a perfect combination for long-lasting and memorable sexual intercourses.